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  • Best Boy-On-Boy Bondage on the Web. Our guys are lean, young, boy-next-door types. Some are straight boys who get tied-up and fucked for the first time. Some are gay boys from small Southern towns who love to play around but have never done bondage before. All of them are young, hot and full of cum.
  • Guys first time in bondage. See their first time experiencing pleasure and pain at the same time.
  • Lots of fucking and sucking. These guys are not only into bondage, they are horny and want to cum and cum and cum.
  • Forced-sex fantasies. Four guys in the shower grab and dominate a younger, weaker boy, or jump that hot straight guy everyone wants to fuck.
  • Boys getting tied-up and tortured. Not by big bears, but by other boys.
  • Boys experimenting with bondage. Trying out ropes, handcuffs, and hot wax.
  • Boys outdoors. Tied to trees, staked out in an open field, fucking around in the woods.
  • Kidnap fantasies. A boy bent over a tree, his ass ready for a good hard fucking. A boy kidnapped while out for a walk then tied-up and fucked.
  • Updates twice a week. Every Wednesday and Sunday.
  • Two new videos every week, each about 10 minutes long. All videos are high-quality HD mp4 files. You can download and view them as often as you like, even if you cancel your membership.
  • 40 to 150 screen captures from each video. The slideshow feature allows you to see the action unfold in images larger than videos. You can always preview thumbnails of all images before joining.
  • A constant stream of new models. You’ll see new boys all the time, and lots of your favorites again and again.
  • Tell us your fantasies, and we’ll try to incorporate them.
  • All photos and videos can be downloaded and viewed forever, even if you cancel your membership.

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