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Angry Slave
Part 3

Starring: Devon & Nathan

Nathan can’t take much more from his dominating black Master. Hanging by his arms, which are strapped in leather cuffs to the suspension crane, Nathan is getting more resistant with each passing minute. As his Master works the boy’s hardening cock, Nathan starts fighting back, lifting his freed legs and threatening to kick Master Devon. Devon isn’t having it. With his leather flogger in hand, he fondles his boy’s cock, keeping Nathan hard while he’s beaten relentlessly. This really sets Nathan off. Contorting his body, he tries with all his might to give his Master a big kick to the stomach, but no matter what he does, Devon is always just out of reach. “Quit fucking hitting me!” he yells, struggling once more to kick his abuser, but Devon has more lessons to teach this cocky little fighter.

Next Week In The Dungeon: More Torture For Nathan…

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