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Angry Slave
Part 2

Starring: Devon & Nathan

Angry Nathan’s resistance is really turning on his Master. With his ass violated by a nasty metal bondage hook, Nathan is already pissed off, but when his Master starts to beat him with a leather crop, he loses it. With each painful blow, the boy growls like a mad dog, struggling to free himself so he can get his hands on his abuser, but with his hands and legs chained, he isn’t going anywhere. Master Devon loves his angry boy toy. He tugs at the rope connected to the bondage hook in Nathan’s hole, making it crystal clear who is in charge, but Nathan still resists. With a flogger in one hand and the crop in the other, Master Devon beats his boy, determined to break him. After delivering a round of violent beatings, Devon fondles Nathan’s cock, angering the boy even more. But, still, his cock hardens in the hands of his Master. Readying Nathan for a new bondage station, Devon unhooks his slave. Nathan immediately begins to fight back, but his big black Master overpowers him with ease.

Next Week In The Dungeon: More Torture For Nathan…

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