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Part 1

Starring: Anthony, Blaine, Derek

Two thugs from the street, Anthony and Blaine, decide that they’ve seen enough of the hot, new gay guy in town, Derek. Out one night, the duo spot Derek strutting his stuff down a dark alley and decide to teach him a lesson. They are going to humiliate this confident gay man by forcing him to be their sex slave. “Let’s get that faggot,” they say to each other, before jumping on Derek and throwing him to the ground in the dark alley. Derek can do nothing but submit to his attackers. They drag him into a nearby warehouse where they blindfold, gag, and then suspended their new slave boy by his bound wrists as they repeatedly whip him. Derek is bruised and cut and terrified, but he is also secretly turned on, dominated and controlled by these two men against his will. This is one walk home he will never forget!
Next week in the Dungeon: More torture for Derek…

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