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Fucked Friends
Part 5

Starring: Axel, Joel, Ryan

With Joel being choked by a neck-chain while bound to the X-cross, his boyfriend Ryan is forced to blow his Master to satisfaction. The combination of Ryan’s enhanced dick-sucking skills and choking poor Joel put Master Axel over the edge as he blows his load all over his kneeling bitch-boy’s neck and chest, letting it trickle and drip down his abdomen. Leaving the boys alone in their same bound states, Ryan whimpers to his mate, “I’m sorry. I had to.” Joel seems to understand as he replies, “It’s okay. We’ll get out of here.” Little do they know that Master Axel has a little more “work” to do before letting them go. It’s not every day he has two beautiful boys to play games with. Next, after tying Joel down to the torture table, Master Axel binds Ryan’s balls to the same torture table with a modified cock strap and rope. The more Ryan whines, the more his lover gets whipped. Ryan screams for Master Axel to “please stop!”, but it’s no use as Axel just whips more frequently and harder the more moaning and bitching he hears. Next Week: Chair-lift challenge and whipping.

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