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Fucked Friends
Part 4

Starring: Axel, Joel, Ryan

Poor Joel continues to struggle bound to the X-cross as his beauty boyfriend, Ryan, watches in agony kneeling on the floor with hands rope-bound behind his back. When Master Axel returns, he is ready for some pleasure. Ryan, helplessly kneeling before his Master next to his bound boyfriend, is ordered to suck his Master’s dick, all the while Master Axel choking poor Joel by yanking on the chain binding his neck to the X-cross. To make things worse, any hint of Ryan using teeth angers Axel into tightening the choke-hold on Joel. Axel repeatedly yells, “don’t use your teeth”, as he yanks on the neck-chain. The only thing Ryan can focus on is protecting his partner, but the pressure of sucking such a thick cock in perfect form under this kind of pressure is playing with his emotions. While he worries about how and when all this will end, Joel can only think about taking his next breath. All their Master wants at the moment is a good blow job! Next Week: Cum and torture table.

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