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Twink Play
Part 5

Starring: Angel, Joel, Tyler

Bitch-boy Angel, temporarily conniving with Master Joel, begin shocking their torture-table-strapped, helpless playmate Tyler. Clips on his nipples and electric dildo shoved up his ass make for one hell of a full-body, muscle-tensing experience. With each painful shock, Tyler screams in agony, arching his back high off the table as waves of electricity are sent spiraling to every corner and crevice of his smooth body. Angel cannot help but feel both relieved and frightened as he remains unharmed for the most part, yet his friend is punished to the max. He continues to follow orders as one wrongdoing could lead to him being on that table next. Despite caring deeply for his powerless twink friend, the last thing Angel wants to do is anger his Master further. Next Week: Dildo play…

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