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Fucked Friends
Part 1

Starring: Axel, Joel, Ryan

Master Axel has found himself a perfect boyfriend pair to toy with in his dungeon, each partner having to perform tasks at Axel’s will to prevent the other from being punished. Chained to the wall by his neck, Joel struggles as he watches his sexy partner, Ryan, dangling by his hands from the ceiling crane. To make things worse, Master Axel has every intention of making these boys feel responsible for each other’s punishment. Axel orders Joel to “get hard” in order to stop his whipping session on Ryan’s gorgeous, ripped torso and petite, firm butt. As Joel attempts to stroke himself hard, Ryan cries, “please Joel make him stop!” There is little more than Joel can respond with than, “I’m sorry Ryan.” Joel is getting harder, but not quite fast enough as Master Axel continues to whip Ryan and raise him higher into the air with the ceiling crane. Next Week: Joel continues to get hard, followed by dick-sucking.

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