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Painted Ass
Part 6

Starring: Craig, Kaleb

Just before Master Craig finishes up with his X-cross inspection of his boy toy Kaleb’s fine ass, Kaleb turns his head and gives a sly smirk, indicating that this is exactly what he wants. A few whips on that fine ass perk it up nice and high, allowing Master Craig to slap it around and squeeze it at will. Although the painting these boys started on will likely go unfinished for the time being and they may be fired, neither Master Craig nor Kaleb care, and the boys continue their sexual play like nothing else matters. Having had enough of that beautiful butt for the time being, Craig moves Kaleb onto a stool where his balls hang down through a hole. Attaching bindings and weights to Kaleb’s balls, there is little Kaleb can do but sit there and endure the pain of his stretched, swinging balls while Master Craig whips him. Next Week: More weighted ball stretching and dick sucking.

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