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Money Troubles
Part 3

Starring: Axel, Julius

Legs elevated by the crane and lying butt-naked along the torture table, submissive twink Axel is whipped repeatedly by his sexy Master, Julius. Julius shows little mercy as each crack of the whip appears to nearly shatter Axel’s bone-thin frame, and neither the bright red welts nor the pain-filled screams seem to help Axel’s cause for that mercy. As Julius has clearly warmed up his punishing tactics, he decides it is time to mix in a little pleasure. Julius raising Axel’s body off the torture table using the crane, the poor bitch hangs vertically upside down in the room’s center. Before Axel can do too much complaining, Master Julius forces him to suck his hard cock while he hangs. Next Week: More cock sucking and hanging electro-torture.

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