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Roommate Revenge
Part 1

Starring: Damien, Daniel & Tucker

Tucker is a lazy-but-attractive 20 year old who has been living with Damien for months – all without paying rent. Damien is starting to grow tired of Tucker’s excuses for why he can’t find a job; the boy is always playing on his phone and lounging on the couch. “I’m getting tired of having to pay your portion of rent, Tucker!” Damien shouts, sitting next to Tucker on the couch. “You’re going to pay me… today!” Tucker tenses up as Damien begins to rub his leg. Suddenly, Damien pulls his zipper down, revealing his semi-hard cock. “Suck on it!” Damien demands, forcing Tucker’s mouth down on his cock. At first, Tucker puts up a fight, but doesn’t have the money to pay Damien back. Soon, Tucker is forcing himself to suck the cock in front of his face, pretending to the best of his ability that he’s enjoying it. Suddenly, Damien’s phone rings. In the mere second it takes Damien to pull the phone from his pants pocket, Tucker jumps up from the couch, running to the door for his escape. Little does he know, Damien’s new friend Daniel is waiting outside. Daniel forces Tucker back to the couch, putting his arms behind his back and handcuffing the slave as Master Damien continues to face-fuck the boy. This is going to be fun.

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