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Shoplifter Turned Slave
Part 2

Starring: Damien & Daniel

Daniel is bound to the X-cross as Master Damien continues to have his fun with the boy, starting off by attaching a heavy ball and chain to the boy’s cock. “What are you doing?” Daniel asks, watching in horror as Damien attaches electrodes to his nipples. Soon, the boy is squirming, screaming as he feels the intense voltage from the electrocution device surging throughout his body. Now, Master Damien is ready to turn things up a notch; he attaches electrodes to his slave’s steel cock ring. Daniel has never felt pain like this in his entire life. He screams, struggling against his binds with all his might, but it’s no use. Finally, after being electrocuted several more times, Master Damien releases his boy from the X-cross – but only to bind him once more to the legs of a chair. Then, Damien reveals his cock. “Suck it, bitch!” he demands, forcing Daniel’s mouth onto his cock. Daniel does as he’s told.

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