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Car Thief
Part 3

Starring: Ashton & Michael

After finishing up with the hot wax torture, Master Michael lifts Ashton up, tying the boy by his wrists and stretching them out high above his head. “How did you like your wax torture?” he asks, taunting Ashton. “I hated it!” Ashton replies, gritting his teeth and bracing for a painful lash from his Master’s whip. After beating his boy with the crop, Michael decides to tease him. He caresses Ashton’s body, taking his time to appreciate his toned physique. Slowly, his hands move closer and closer to Ashton’s cock. Try as he might to resist, Ashton can’t help but get turned on. His cock begins to harden and his moans of pain turn to those of pleasure. Suddenly, Michael resumes whipping his boy, but that still isn’t enough. Taking things up a notch, he attaches electrodes to each of Ashton’s hard nipples. Then he throws the switch, shocking his boy as Ashton struggles to muffle his screams. Now the fun starts.

Next Week In The Dungeon: More For Ashton…

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