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This Week's Bound Up Boys

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Birthday Gift
Part 1

Starring: Daniel & Ty

It’s Daniel’s birthday and the gift he receives is like nothing he’s ever had before…

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Part 12

Starring: Mikeal & Tanner

Master Tanner strokes his bound slave’s cock until it’s rock hard, then demands the boy finish himself off after freeing his hands from the binds above him…

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Last Week's Updates

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Part 14

Starring: Bruno & DJ

DJ has been tortured for days, but Master Bruno isn’t done with his exhausted slave yet…

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Part 11

Starring: Mikeal & Tanner

Mikeal is fondled as Master Tanner tears the remaining plastic wrap from his boys torso, exposing flesh for his whip to really dig into…

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Part 13

Starring: Bruno & DJ

DJ is facing the wall with his hands tied above his head as Master Bruno strokes the slave’s cock from behind…

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Part 10

Starring: Mikeal & Tanner

Mikeal is bound to the bondage horse where Master Tanner whips his boy with the rope whip…

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Part 12

Starring: Bruno & DJ

Master Bruno strokes his slave’s cock, leaving the boy on the verge of cumming before whipping him repeatedly with the crop…

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Birthday Gift

Starring: Daniel & Ty


Starring: Mikeal & Tanner


Starring: Bruno & DJ

Bound Boys

Starring: Joshua & Logan

Dominant Top

Starring: Calvin & Logan

Captured Boy

Starring: Kayden & Thomas

Outdoor Slave

Starring: Brandon & Kayden

Movie Night

Starring: AJ & Lukas

Pool Boy

Starring: Clay & Mykol

Tables Turned

Starring: Lukas & Zak


Starring: Lukas & Zak

GoGo Boy

Starring: Alan & Jimmy

Forgotten Slave

Starring: AJ & Clay

Hung Slave

Starring: Clay & Mykol

Master’s Toy

Starring: Alan & Trey


Starring: Alan & Emerson


Starring: Alan & Damien


Starring: Alan & Warren

Slave Boy

Starring: Manuel & Tanner

Latin Stud

Starring: Enrique & Tanner

Boy Toy

Starring: Alex & Tanner
Pushing The Limits

Starring: Chad & Johnny
Just Relax

Starring: Alex & Johnny
Tied Down

Starring: Chase & Jaiden

Pretty Boy

Starring: Chase & Jaiden

Submissive Slave

Starring: Jaiden & Tanner

Car Thief

Starring: Ashton & Michael


Starring: Alan & Mykol


Starring: Alec & Lucas


Starring: AJ & Joey

Whipping Boy

Starring: Braydon & Joey


Starring: Joey, Mikeal & Tanner

Eager Slave

Starring: Devon & Mikeal

Angry Slave

Starring: Devon & Nathan

Hooded Master

Starring: Devon & Zeke

Kinky Curiosity

Starring: CJ & Joey

Petty Theft

Starring: Damien & Joey

Bad Ass

Starring: Chad & Tanner

High School Revenge

Starring: Alex & Joey


Starring: Michael, Mikey & Joey

Street Fighter

Starring: Brogan, Joey


Starring: Aiden, Robert


Starring: Joey, Tanner

Party Boys

Starring: Aiden, Michael

Wrong House

Starring: Aiden, Anthony

Tool Thief

Starring: Julius, Robert

Clean Up Boys

Starring: Julius, Parker

Pizza Boy

Starring: Julius, Robert

New Master

Starring: Angel, Cody


Starring: Jessie, Robert


Starring: Robert, Tanner


Starring: Cody, Tanner


Starring: Anthony, Blaine, Derek

Straight Sissy

Starring: Tanner, Zander

Angry Stud

Starring: Anthony, Tanner

Stood Up

Starring: Damien, Tanner

Call Me Sir

Starring: Tanner, Trey

Painful Indulgence

Starring: Brock, Julius

Pretty Little Thing

Starring: Julius, Tanner


Starring: Ben, Brock, Jacob

Work Benefits

Starring: Julius, Shaggy


Starring: Julius, Zane

Fucked Friends

Starring: Axel, Joel, Ryan

Twink Play

Starring: Angel, Joel, Tyler

Painted Ass

Starring: Craig, Kaleb

Slave Trade

Starring: Joel, Julius

Money Troubles

Starring: Axel, Julius

Friendly Fantasies

Starring: Craig, Julius

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