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August 15, 2018

Twink Play
Part 11

Starring: Angel, Joel, Tyler

The submissive helper Angel and Master Joel finish their inverted torture of poor Tyler, the blood-flow to his head near the point of knocking him unconscious …

Fucked Friends
Part 6

Starring: Axel, Joel, Ryan

The boys continue to moan and struggle; with Ryan strapped to the torture table by his balls and Joel bound and stretched across the table …


Twink Play
Part 10

Starring: Angel, Joel, Tyler

Master Joel and Angel admire Tyler in a whole new position as they force Tyler to suck their cocks hanging upside down from the ceiling crane …

Fucked Friends
Part 5

Starring: Axel, Joel, Ryan

With Joel being choked by a neck-chain while bound to the X-cross, his boyfriend Ryan is forced to blow his Master to satisfaction …

Twink Play
Part 9

Starring: Angel, Joel, Tyler

The beautifully stretched limbs and torsos of twinks Angel and Tyler spin round hanging from the ceiling crane, Master Joel interrupting that flow at every turn with the crack of many whips …

Fucked Friends
Part 4

Starring: Axel, Joel, Ryan

Poor Joel continues to struggle bound to the X-cross as his beauty boyfriend, Ryan, watches in agony kneeling on the floor with hands rope-bound behind his back …


New episodes added to the top two series every week.
Fucked Friends

Starring: Axel, Joel, Ryan

Twink Play

Starring: Angel, Joel, Tyler

Painted Ass

Starring: Craig, Kaleb

Slave Trade

Starring: Joel, Julius

Money Troubles

Starring: Axel, Julius

Friendly Fantasies

Starring: Craig, Julius

Boot Lickers

Starring: Axel, Ian, Shayne

Boy Trouble

Starring: Shane, Zach

Tag Team Twinks

Starring: Brad, James, J.T.

Slave Mates

Starring: Adam, Eric, Wes

Bound Desires

Starring: Eric, James


Starring: Ayden & Damien

Black Out

Starring: Damien & Parker

Country Boy

Starring: Damien & Drake

Roommate Revenge

Starring: Damien, Daniel & Tucker

Shop Lifter Turned Slave

Starring: Damien & Daniel

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