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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Master’s Toy
Part 6

Starring: Alan & Trey

Slave-boy Trey is attached to the bondage crane with his legs raised as Master Alan smacks the boy’s round ass…

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Part 10

Starring: Alan & Emerson

Slave-boy Emerson is bound to the x-cross with a steel bondage hook shove deep within his tight, virgin ass…

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Last Week's Updates

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Master’s Toy
Part 5

Starring: Alan & Trey

Trey is coated in hot, freshly-melted wax as he screams in pure agony…

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Part 9

Starring: Alan & Emerson

Slave-boy Emerson is bound to the X-cross as Master Alan mercilessly whips the helpless slave…

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Master’s Toy
Part 4

Starring: Alan & Trey

Blindfolded and bound to the padded bondage table, Trey is shocked repeatedly by his aggressive young Master…

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Part 8

Starring: Alan & Emerson

Master Alan has his slave face down on the bondage table with his legs raised by the suspension crane…

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Master’s Toy
Part 3

Starring: Alan & Trey

Trey is bound to the padded bondage table as Master Alan electrocutes the slave repeatedly…

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Master’s Toy

Starring: Alan & Trey


Starring: Alan & Emerson


Starring: Alan & Damien


Starring: Alan & Warren

Slave Boy

Starring: Manuel & Tanner

Latin Stud

Starring: Enrique & Tanner

Boy Toy

Starring: Alex & Tanner
Pushing The Limits

Starring: Chad & Johnny
Just Relax

Starring: Alex & Johnny
Tied Down

Starring: Chase & Jaiden

Pretty Boy

Starring: Chase & Jaiden

Submissive Slave

Starring: Jaiden & Tanner

Car Thief

Starring: Ashton & Michael


Starring: Alan & Mykol


Starring: Alec & Lucas


Starring: AJ & Joey

Whipping Boy

Starring: Braydon & Joey


Starring: Joey, Mikeal & Tanner

Eager Slave

Starring: Devon & Mikeal

Angry Slave

Starring: Devon & Nathan

Hooded Master

Starring: Devon & Zeke

Kinky Curiosity

Starring: CJ & Joey

Petty Theft

Starring: Damien & Joey

Bad Ass

Starring: Chad & Tanner

High School Revenge

Starring: Alex & Joey


Starring: Michael, Mikey & Joey

Street Fighter

Starring: Brogan, Joey


Starring: Aiden, Robert


Starring: Joey, Tanner

Party Boys

Starring: Aiden, Michael

Wrong House

Starring: Aiden, Anthony

Tool Thief

Starring: Julius, Robert

Clean Up Boys

Starring: Julius, Parker

Pizza Boy

Starring: Julius, Robert

New Master

Starring: Angel, Cody


Starring: Jessie, Robert


Starring: Robert, Tanner


Starring: Cody, Tanner


Starring: Anthony, Blaine, Derek

Straight Sissy

Starring: Tanner, Zander

Angry Stud

Starring: Anthony, Tanner

Stood Up

Starring: Damien, Tanner

Call Me Sir

Starring: Tanner, Trey

Painful Indulgence

Starring: Brock, Julius

Pretty Little Thing

Starring: Julius, Tanner


Starring: Ben, Brock, Jacob

Work Benefits

Starring: Julius, Shaggy


Starring: Julius, Zane

Fucked Friends

Starring: Axel, Joel, Ryan

Twink Play

Starring: Angel, Joel, Tyler

Painted Ass

Starring: Craig, Kaleb

Slave Trade

Starring: Joel, Julius

Money Troubles

Starring: Axel, Julius

Friendly Fantasies

Starring: Craig, Julius

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